About Us

Canberra Technology Park (CTP) is a business park that encourages the growth of a strong, regional creative digital industry and fosters the expansion of job opportunities in our growing knowledge economy. It is the headquarters of the Academy of Interactive Entertainment.

CTP provides an excellent cluster environment where tenants can interact and benefit from co-locating alongside complementary businesses, start-up companies, incubators and students. The site is comprised of 5.784ha of land with one and two story buildings totalling approximately 7,500 M2 including common areas, corridors and amenities.

CTP is a division of the non-profit Academy of Interactive Entertainment Ltd (AIE). AIE has been managing the buildings and land under the brand Canberra Technology Park (CTP); and running an award-winning registered training organisation (RTO) on this site for over 20 years!

As well as being home to the Canberra Campus of the AIE, CTP is already the favoured Canberra business location for many game developers, software/app developers, film makers and related support services. We look forward to welcoming you on your next visit to the Park!

Canberra Technology Park Mission

To facilitate the growth of computer game development, film production and the broader creative digital industries within Canberra.