Dear CTP Tenants,

Re: The Future of CTP – tenant licenses will be honoured if AIE acquires CTP

CTP Tenants were invited to attend an ACT Government led consultation last week to provide their views on the current and future uses of the CTP site. Many tenants were not able to attend and those that did raised some important questions that the AIE has provided a response to.

What happens if AIE is successful in acquiring the land?

  • If AIE is successful in acquiring the land:
    • ✓ Significant financial investment will be made to modernise and revitalise the existing buildings and further develop the site as a higher education and enhanced community precinct, including:
    • ✓ Expansion of our game development, animation and film VFX training capabilities
    • ✓ Improved facilities for tenants
    • ✓ All existing tenant leases will be honoured
    • ✓ Student accommodation built in stages over the next decade or two
    • ✓ Public green space for the whole community to enjoy
    • ✓ Additional carparking spaces to meet increased demand
    • ✓ A flexible design based on input from tenants, students and the community

What happens if AIE is unsuccessful in acquiring the land?

  • If an alternative proponent acquires the land, the future of the site is undetermined. There would be:
    • No assurances that tenant license agreements would be honoured.
    • No guarantee that carparking would meet demand or remain free.
    • No commitment to building an educational and innovation hub.
    • Uncertainty over the fate and direction of the site.

How can tenants help secure their future at CTP?


  • Vote Yes on the quick poll
  • Drop a comment pin on the interactive map
  • Fill out the short survey
  • Attend one of the ACT Government led community events, including the community picnic on Sunday 4 March from 11am-2pm at Canberra Technology Park
  • Ask your friends, family and colleagues to fill in their feedback as well – every positive contribution counts!


Click here to read more FAQ’s on our website.

Yours Sincerely,
John De Margheriti Vicki De Margheriti
Chairman & CEO CEO